Consultation Packages




This 2hr in-home session is for you and your partner at any stage of your pregnancy. Or perhaps you may not be pregnant and you want to explore your options early.

Are you just not sure of the many choices that are available to you during your pregnancy?  Perhaps you are a first time mum and are overwhelmed by the stories you hear.  Or maybe you’ve been through it before and want it to be different this time?  Are you finding that you just don’t know the questions to ask with the limited time you have during your antenatal appointments? This consultation includes answering any questions you may have of your pregnancy, labour and birth. Together we will explore the options available to you, so that you will be left feeling informed and confident to take the steps towards a positive birth journey. 



A four hour in-home session to welcome your newborn baby.  It can feel overwhelming to come home with your newborn or perhaps you are reassured by knowing support is right there.

This session can help you feel confident and at ease with daily newborn cycles, breast or bottle feeding, settling techniques, bathtime and relaxation massage.  Support and non-judgemental advice are available specific to your individual needs including your birth debriefing and postpartum recovery. I can assist you and your partner to settle into parenthood with confidence.